Hey guys, I know there are a couple of you out there that are thinking about taking my Zumba class. If you are checking this site out, that means that you got one of my brochures. The reason why I created this is a space on the Internet, was to provide as much information as I can as it relates to Zumba dance fitness. A lot of times, I get asked the same questions from people who are thinking about doing Zumba for the first time. I created a little synopsis of what is Zumba is and what you should expect in the class. If you feel that this is for you, feel free to come by and participate, it is a lot of fun. I guarantee it.

What is Zumba Dance?

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So the best place to start is explaining what exactly is Zumba. Zumba is a dance fitness class, that is set to a Latin soundtrack. It incorporates a variety of aerobic exercises, as well as dance moves. Because this is a Latin inspired activity, you will often find that the dance moves are reflective of the different types of music. In the class, you will often find yourself doing the Salsa, Carimba, merengue and even fun up-tempo dances such as hip-hop, dance hall and reggaeton.

For those of you were wondering how intense the class is, all you have to do is take a look at the tempo. The tempo is extremely fast one minute, or it can be ridiculously slow at another. It is a great mix and it is the ideal combination when it comes to burning fat. In doing this activity, you will find that after a couple of days/weeks, your body will have a nice firm and toned look to it. If you are wondering how many calories you will burn in a given class, a high number to set is 1000. There is a possibility that you can burn more or less, depends on how much you intend on pushing yourself.

What Should I wear to Zumba Clothing ?

The great thing about Zumba, is that you can essentially wear anything, once it is comfortable for you. Most people who participate in the class, will wear gym clothing. This is not necessary and you will also find people who wear shorts, sweatpants, tights and shirts. As it relates to the shoes, any type of athletic sneaker can be worn, once it is able to provide the support and comfort that you need in the class.

What Type of Shoes for Zumba?

For those of you who are thinking about getting sneakers for the class, I really won't go into detail as it is a personal preference. I came across as websites that focuses on the different types Zumba shoes. It highlights some of the better sneakers such as the Nike musique, which I absolutely love.

For those of you want a really quick over view, it is a good idea to get sneakers that are designed for dance fitness for a dance aerobics. You can also wear a variety of crosstrainers, once they do not have too much traction underneath.

What to Expect from Zumba?

If you have done dance aerobic classes before, then I can definitely say that they're nothing compared to Zumba. This is a class that incorporates a variety of dance moves and everything is really basic. Essentially, you are going to find yourself dancing a lot, as well as incorporating tons of aerobic exercises. You can be sure, that you are definitely going to enjoy yourself while you are participating in this class. The music that is played in the class, is really awesome and I can guarantee it, that you are definitely going to be dancing up a storm. Because it's so much dancing, you are going to be using your legs a lot. This is really great, as you will be giving that part of your body a very good workout and eventually it is going to be firm and toned.

For those of you want to know what the structure of the class is, the most I can say is that it is very easy and simple to do. You start off by doing a warm-up session, which is really just some light dancing. Once the class really gets going, you are going to have periods where the tempo of the music is extremely high. In this period, you were going to be exerting yourself a lot. There is a section where the tempo will slow down. This is the easy-going section. You should also be aware, that Zumba is one cardio workout that you are going to be burning a lot of calories. You will also be sweating a lot, so it is very important that you bring some type of liquid to replace the water that you will lose.

I Suck at Dancing – Can I Do This?

If you think you cannot dance, then you should really be at ease, as there are many people out there who cannot dance as well. The key to surviving this class, for all of you who cannot dance, is just be patient and take things slow. When doing Zumba, you will realize that there are many different steps occur repetitive. After you have been doing the class for some time, you will realize that you can do with the dance steps with no problems. You see, Zumba is really all about fun and once you are into the class, then there should be no problems. I always tell my students, that there is no right or wrong way to Zumba.

I am Out of Shape – Can I Do This?

I always tell my students, that you should know your limitations, especially if you're thinking about taking this class. There are a lot of first timers out there who are unsure as to what their body can handle. If you are not 100% sure about your level of fitness, it would be a good idea to check a medical doctor, before doing this class.

If you feel that the classes to intense for you, it is a good idea to call at a pace that you can handle. Just start all really slow and after a couple of classes, you will realize that there is some signature can't improvement. If your stamina will be much better and essentially that is what you are aiming for, as you are trying to get healthier.

Who Goes to a  Zumba class?

The great thing about Zumba, is that you will be able to find a variety of people from all walks of life there. If they want to get fit, you will find them in this class.

What Exactly are the Benefits to Zumba?

what I always tell people, is that there are so many different health benefits that come aboard as a result of doing Zumba. The results are dependent on how much effort you put into this activity. This is a high calorie burning activity, and you will be surprised that in one hour, you will be able to burn 300- 1500 calories. Even though all losing weight is a major goal, you will be also surprised that you will be much more fit and toned. It is also a great way to relieve stress.

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